How to Get More Free Views on YouTube: Full Guide 2020

April 06, 2020 — 18 mins read
YouTube Promotion Views

YouTube has become the biggest platform with video content and its potential for marketing and promoting the services is incredible. This, in turn, led to the development of the new field in marketing – YouTube marketing, as YouTube turned out to be one of the most efficient platforms to get an audience. A lot of vloggers and youtubers appeared just as soon as people realized how powerful this tool is.

At the same time, users' demands for the content increased and now it is not enough just to make good content and get to the TOP ranking in search results and become popular without any additional measures and actions, just vlogging every day and providing the target audience what they want. The topics can be sharp and popular, the quality of the video as good as it is, but without promotion you are literally doomed.

The search results in YouTube do not differ much from the ones in Google. It follows the same rules as far the algorithms process more or less using similar patterns. Here in the article we have pointed out the most important YouTube tips and made a try to answer a question: what do you need to be a youtuber. Apart from the good content, of course.

Any beginner knows that there’s something about getting more views, attracting the audience and holding the attention, but how does it all work and what to do to increase the popularity of the channel? Read the article and implement the free tips below, as far we did our best to provide the most profound information. So, here we go.

Any steps for video optimization should begin with picking the topic. It is not enough just to pic any topic you want. It should be interesting for your target audience. One of the easiest ways to figure it out is to use the search bar. Just start typing the query and you will get some related topics for the content.

However, all the videos and channels, reaching TOP-3 in YouTube have some similar features:

  • Interesting topic
  • Relevant keywords in the title and description
  • Appropriate length
  • Good quality of the video content itself
  • Shares in the social media for more views

So, to cut a long story short, they all are optimized to get as many views as possible, as far as good behavioral factors lead to the highest ranking.

But what counts as a view on YouTube? First of all, the algorithms become more and more advanced day after day and distinguish real views from the face ones efficiently. It is the first part of that question. Only real views are counted. But what does the system count as a view to be added to the statistics? In short, one view is one tap on the Play button with the following watching the video for some time. The system counts new users, repeated views, manual or automatic tap. The only condition – the user should be real. Otherwise the view will be discharged.

Keywords in description, as well as in the title, is literally the main tool for the system and for the users to find your video using search. For example, accounts with good YouTube channel names, containing the keywords, are ranked higher than the average ones. Cool youtube channel descriptions, as well as video description with keywords, can motivate the user from the so called “cold” audience to view your video or even subscribe.

However, rich keywords are the best option as far they help to generate a lot of free organic traffic if implemented. Check the TOP channels – they are always in trend, have appropriate tags and contain key phrases and words everywhere. And, of course, they all have a good first impression while visiting the page.

There are some services, helping to find the best keywords for your topic.

1. Keyword planner

2. Google trends

3. YouTube (Autosuggest). Basically it’s possible to check the statistics about these keywords in the Keyword Planner or Google trends.


This online service is one of the most popular ones and is extremely user friendly. Choose the search engine, the language, insert the keyword and see the result.

To make a good description you should first of all analyze the keywords using the services above and be creative.

The keywords in the title are not the only thing to pay attention to. To optimize the channel one should think about such SEO strategy as increasing the CTR. The title should be not just relevant to the search query, it should be catching enough so the user would want to tap and follow the link to watch the video.

Statistically one of the most efficient ways to increase the CTR is to use numbers. People like watching different TOP-ratings. The title “TOP-7 Wedding Dresses” will get more CTR than plain “Best Wedding Dresses”.

Here can be added using the dates, especially if you are talking about the trends in the field. As well as with the previous example, the title stating “Programming language to study in 2020” gets higher CTR than “Most popular programming languages” and so on.

Not that obvious method is to use special icons next to the video. It can be downloaded manually and works as a magnet, dragging the attention.

While working with the CTR, any single detail matters, the timing can be and, actually, is one of the points how people choose the video. Check what is the average length of the most popular videos in your area and do more or less the same. Even if it is not an improvement of the title itself, the CTR depends on it as well.

Video description is not even mentioned in most of the tips as far it is not shown in the recommended videos. But it still matters when the user starts watching. Good and catching description helps to hold the attention and makes the navigation easier if done properly.

Another point that matters and, furthermore, has a huge impact on the ranking, is tags. The system uses tags not just to sort the videos. Tags is an important ranking factor which is hugely underestimated by the beginners. But according to the information, provided by YouTube itself, tagging is considered to be not just important, but one of the most important ranking factors. Let’s see how tags work and why they are so important for views.

When the user starts tapping the search query in the YouTube search bar, he gets the list of results which is made, generally, from the keywords mentioned in the descriptions. In other words, proper tagging helps your video to appear in the search results. If you want to rank the video as high as it can get, pay more attention to tagging.

There are some tips you should consider:

Firstly, the best tags for YouTube should be easy words and expressions. In some cases, tags can be long and written with underscore, but it is an exception, not the rule.

Include as much as ten most relevant ones. Sometimes you can see the advice to include as much as you can but a dozen will be enough.

To fill the tags correctly, you should conduct a small research. See below a checklist which will help you to understand if everything is done properly. For example, let’s work with the tags for music. To make your channel popular there are some key steps you should take.

Use brand-specific tags. If you are representing the brand or your business has a brand name, use the words related to it, as far users will start looking for it when the channel grows.

YouTube auto suggest. It is the simplest way, as far it shows the results, picked by the algorithm. It means that the phrases from this section will be exactly what the users are looking for. So you don’t even need to think about so-called LSI-queries for the videos. Here they are.

Use some software or online service to collect the tags, used by your target audience. We will not stop here, it is easy to google them.

But how should you fill the field with tags to get maximum profit? See the screenshot below.

Another tactic to get more views on YouTube is to use a better thumbnail image. It is as important as the title as far this small image is the first thing people see, the first thing to jump out and even more – motivate the user to click on your video out of the whole bunch of similar ones.

Here we collected some key points for all those who are wondering how to make a good thumbnail image or improve an existing one.

First of all, pay attention to the color scheme. Do not use combinations of:

  • White
  • Red 
  • Black

As far these are YouTube colors and your video will be simply lost. Remember, the picture has to catch an eye. The same stands for the whole design of the channel.

If you want a picture to look nice, check the format of the image. The perfect size is 1280x720 pixels, or 16:9.

Another common mistake is an attempt to add as many “nice” things as possible. Sophisticated fonts which are impossible to read but look, well, unusual is one of them. Here comes the rule “The clearer – the better”. So choosing a font checks if it is easy to read. Old good Arial is one of the best choices years and years in a row. It is clear, easy to read and is supported by all online services for creating a thumbnail.

There are a lot of ways to create a custom thumbnail but there are two most widely used ones:

Canva. It is the best of the best. Huge community, a lot of templates, and a wide variety of tools make it the most widely used app for digital marketing.

Snappa. Another free online tool to create a custom thumbnail. All the templates are free and have 16:9 dimensions. Just click on the example and start working on it. Snappa is the biggest alternative to Canva, so choose whatever you please.

There are some good thumbnail picture examples, created using Canva or Snippa. Note, they all are catchy, use simple fonts and avoid red-white-black patterns.

One of the biggest mistakes a newbie makes when posting the video is that they do not see all their target audience. People all over the world can watch the video you posted, especially if the topic is important and you are doing a lot of promotional jobs. Of course the level of English differs and this point should be considered.

To solve the issue you need the only thing to implement – subtitles, at least English ones. A lot of people learn English as a second language using YouTube so the transcription, just plain lines of text on the screen, can help you to win a lot of views.

To add the subtitles, you should create them and today it is easy to transcribe almost everything with a lot of online services. They are easy to maintain and have a free trial period if not free at all. Please see below three services which will make your transcription much easier.



The best service in terms of accuracy and pricing. Yes, it is not free but it provides a lot of ways to transcribe, so you can pick the plan and add some extra. For example, there are automatic transcription services to manual one, the option of recording in noisy backgrounds and so on. If you are looking for a really good tool – here it is.



This human-based service produces accurate transcription as far everything is done manually. However, there’s no additional costs or penalties for bad quality. Just standard price and no subscription mode.



This service is an automatic one. In other words, it relies on the technology of voice recognition while the previous services were human-based. Among the major pros of the service is it’s price. Also Temi has mobile apps, so if you are working mostly with your smartphone, it is the best option for you.

Now when the subtitles are created you should upload the file. Pay attention to the timing as far there’s nothing more irritating than speech missing timing.

Content is the king. This statement is and will be the TOP advice as far people now have access to a lot of content and they started being picky, preferring only videos with good quality.

There are tons of channels with bad quality content and strange videos when it is not even clear enough what is going on there so people stop watching them almost instantly.

Still the quality of the content has a direct impact on ranking on YouTube. The better quality – the higher position. It is possible because of the behavioral factors which are collected and analyzed by the algorithm. So if you want to create a popular video getting views, note the section below.

The goal of any good YouTuber is to go viral. Viral content increases the popularity of the channel and gives a lot of additional views. Talking about viral content one should note that the video becomes viral on its own. If you have to tell everyone about it - well, it is not viral. Are there some hints to make your podcast or a plain vlog viral? Sure.

First of all, follow the trends.

They are the main source of the ideas for viral videos in your field. Another thing – where to locate them and how to use them. Do not panic, there are tools, helping to monitor and locate trending ideas to create popular content. Meet and greet, Google trends. It is not just the average SEO tool. You can find, collect and compare the trending keywords in you niche and analyze them.

The brief instruction on using Google trends looks like that:

Pick the topic you are going to work with. Let it be - “fashion trends 2020”. Insert it into the YouTube search bar.

Check the titles of the TOP videos. They may contain some additional keywords.

Pick them if located or insert the initial query into the Google Trends search bar, picking the topic you are into.

You will see the scheme showing the popularity of the chosen keyword or phrase in dynamic.

So analyzing the graphics in Google Trends you can check if the query is popular at the moment and if it has a chance to go viral.

One of the most popular ways to get more views is to collaborate with influencers and exchange the links in YouTube description. The subscribers often follow such links and if your content is good enough people start subscribing.

One common advice is to make connections with the channels of approximately the same size or a bit bigger. In this case you can even count on free links. Most of the popular influencers gain a lot posting the links like that.

To start communication, you can just tag someone or write directly. Why not?

People like more or less the same things, they become popular and if some ideas turned out to be TOP ones for your concurrency, why not implement something of that kind? So first of all make a profound analysis of your niche and pick the videos the audience likes and reacts on. Then try to mimic it. Not to copy, but to mimic, creating your own style. There’s another reason – YouTube algorithm, offering similar content in suggested videos as on the screenshot below.

YouTube cards are a relatively new tool to make your videos more interactive. They can be used to explain some points, to collect the feedback or even to transfer users to some other website.

There are places where one can add the card to improve the content. First, the weakest points of the video, where users stop watching.

Or, on the contrary, a card can be added to some point as an explanation or clarification

Or even as a tool to promote another video on the channel.

In marketing on YouTube there’s no minor things. So you should do your best to optimize the video. One of the ways to add quality to it is to add an intro to your youtube video and the end screen.

In the intro they put some brief information about the video, logo, text or animation to drag more attention and hold it.

There are different templates for the end screen and most of them are free. You can place some additional pieces of information there such as the link to your website, a specific action button, links to the next video or related one or even a call to subscribe to the channel. But the key feature is still to motivate people to watch another video on the channel clicking on the links in the template.

Watermark for the video is a part of branding, not promoting itself. But it works vice versa, so when your video gets more views and shares becoming more popular the watermark helps people to recognize it, improving the brand representation. It is possible to add your logo as a watermark or your name, or any other image. it’s up to you.

There is a lot of software to create a watermark, but the most popular way is to use YouTube functionality, Branding feature in particular. It allows you to insert the watermark on all the videos on the channel with a few clicks.

Playlist is the last step and another one way to let YouTube know what your video is about. However, there’s even a tip for everyone, having a channel. If you want to get a higher ranking, just add playlists if you do not have any. Their impact is huge and the whole work takes minimum effort.

Here are the tips for playlists:

While creating a playlist, pay attention to the keywords. They have to be synonyms to the ones in the videos themselves. In other words, you will have one set of the keywords for the video and another set of keywords for the playlist. Copy and paste will not work, instead you have to spend some time and collect synonyms to create similar yet not the same list, so the videos will be easier to promote..

The same set should be included in the title. Remember, we were writing about the CTR increase and attractive titles. Similar rules work here, so you should make aesthetic playlist names so people would like to watch them.

Playlist will have a thumbnail image as well, so choose the proper one.

Description of the playlist also matters and should include the keywords from the first point in this list.

This point can be shortened to a single line – work with the playlist as you would do with the casual YouTube video.

Also there are some examples of good playlists layouts where the authors worked a lot on the content, just in case.

Embedding Video

Embedded video gets much more views as far it might be watched by the cold audience, not just the warm one, looking for it on YouTube or in Google. If you have a popular account in social media, you can initiate video play directly on Facebook page so your friends will see it in the feed. The more people spot it, the more views you get. They start sharing with their friends, embed to the website and thus your video goes worldwide and has all chances to get viral when the number of viewers increases.

So to embed video you should follow the steps below:

Choose the video you want to embed

Click “Share” button

Choose “Embed”

Paste the code where you need it to be.

People stop believing ads. Now the audence is looking for real communication and want to see a real human being behind their favorite vloggers. So if you want to increase the users’ trust, try to communicate in your niche and inside of the community. Start with your subscribers and comment on them. According to the YouTube statistics, videos with the comments of that kind get more views.

YouTube SEO is pretty much the same as the one for the website. You should investigate the keywords and implement them in the title and description of the relevant video and the channel.

Google is ranking the videos using the keywords and behavioral factors. Make sure users react to your content. For the start you can try to communicate with them to increase engagement and see how it works.

Apart from the keywords pay attention to such points as video length. Search engine compares similar videos, calculates the best length according to the users behavior and ranks it higher.

In the beginning of the article we mentioned that all the videos in TOP have similar features and one of them – a lot of shares in social networks and websites. It is not just a useful feature, it is one of the indicators, telling the system that the content is not just good but worth sharing. In other words, if people share the video whenever they can and especially in social media like Facebook it means that the content is really relevant.

It is strongly advised not to skip this point and mention it in the list of steps you are about to take to promote the video.

But where to share YouTube videos? You can use all the possible social channels, from twitter to quora and reddit. It will give you real, completely natural organic views.

There is a piece of advice on how to use social media for sharing the videos, as far it is easy to get banned if something goes wrong.

  • So first of all, use only reliable accounts, not fake ones, not bots. They are banned almost instantly, as well as the videos and the links. No account – no viewers.
  • Secondly, choose relevant topics. Remember, your goal is to attract real people so the views will be counted. And the only way to do it is to share the video in the thread where the audience is active, where the topic is discussed.
  • Pick the places where people may watch the video in real, getting you not just some points in link building, but the organic traffic as well. 

It is not enough just to create a good video, set the keywords and tags and so on. You should as well pick time to post. It is not that minor issue as it can seem. As in FB and Instagram, YouTube starts the first round of ranking counting the views appeared in the first hours after the video was downloaded. So if you pick the time to post incorrectly and it will not hit your target audience and the core of the channel(the people always reacting on the content you create), it will fail to be ranked high.

Here comes another question which stays high for the beginners – when it is the best time to post on YouTube. Good for you, this matter was investigated in and out, so now we know for sure that the so-called “posting window” opens between 2 and 4 pm CST or EST as far these time zones are most active on the Internet and have the biggest population.  

Yes, it is not a typo. You can say that the best time to post is in the evening hours when people come from work and want to relax. And will be wrong. The key here is indexing. Not just Google indexes new content but YouTube as well and it takes some time. So if you upload the video somewhere between 2 and 4 pm it will be indexed close to 6 or 7 and appear in the search results and recommended videos.

Giveaways have been and still are one of the most popular and efficient ways to increase the popularity of the channel, attract new audiences and boost the activity in the comments. It works perfectly because of human nature – few people refuse from the chance to get something for free, especially if it requires minimum effort.

So one can add links in YouTube descriptions which will lead to the event, giveaway or any other useful information. Of course it requires some marketing skills, as far as you should find the patrons for the giveaway and communicate with the influencers in person, asking them to share the video, mention it or promote in any other way.

As always the best way to get the full report on the video is to use the data provided by YouTube. You are literally addressing the main source of information.

There are a lot of features but the most important for us is “Watch time”. This report shows the following data, including impressions, click-through rate, views, and the time watched YouTube video, also called “average view duration” and of course watch time.

Analyzing the following points, you can make a plan for the future work on your channel based on the ideas which worked well in your videos.

First of all, one should start with YouTube search analytics to know at least in which direction to move. Then pay close attention to the watch time, as far the algorithm is considering it to be a factor of great importance. Improving it you will burst the growth of your channel’s popularity, because more traffic will be generated.

One of the most important, yet underestimated factors is views. So the more views your video has, the higher it appears in the search results, as well as pops up into the suggested videos. offers 1000 free YouTube views for the trial period to try the platform on your own and promote the channel. All the views are real, as far we refused from bots and fakes.

With more views the popularity will grow as well, attracting the audience. This, in turn, will provide you with lots of ways of monetizing your YouTube.