Best viral marketing videos of all time

September 24, 2020 — 3 mins read

Large brands spend billions of dollars on advertising and most of it goes to video production. In America, the quality of commercials has reached the highest level. Marketers create entire mini films, involving world-class actors. Such ads keep the viewer in suspense until the last minute. These are the best viral marketing videos. 

Over the past 3 decades, people have shot over a million commercials. And only a few hundred are worthy of attention, we have selected the best videos of all time which will definitely not leave you indifferent. 

These videos were created for advertising on TV during the Super Bowl - this is the annual championship game of the National Football League. In terms of popularity, this event can be compared to Thanksgiving. Millions of Americans gather in front of the TV to watch the game.

Many watch the super bowl just to see the ads.

The cost of 30 seconds screen time reached $5 million in 2020. Even though there are more cost-effective distribution channels, brands are competing for this ad space. Companies are willing to spend such ad budgets to show their financial status and credibility. Perhaps due to this, such masterpiece commercials are created.

Commercials of a world famous brand are shocking viewers. And the charismatic Terry Crews is impulsively perfect as an ambassador.

All of the Terry Crews Old Spice Commercials

Budweiser catches on with its viral phrase - WHASSUP. By creating a script and playing with this word. In the most recent videos, the company is already creating a script around the meaning of the brand name - bud, mate, friend.


Sex appeal is the simplest and most commonly used marketing tactic. This is not surprising, because it is easier to show the naked ass of a beauty or ask the same model to clasp a banana with her lips than to puzzle over the concept of an advertising campaign. This is suitable for 99% of products - burgers, soda, bank, clothes etc.

As one of the most expensive brands, Nike can afford to pay millions in royalties to the stars. Their tactic is that teenagers willingly imitate celebrities. What do you need to follow in the first place? That's right - to wear clothes like theirs. Moreover, motivation is like a thread running through the plot of their commercials. They kind of put an equal sign between the champion and the brand.

There is no magic formula for making a viral video. But don’t worry, combine the following ingredients and you’ll get something extraordinary.

  • Social status – people share what makes them look good.
  • Triggers – people share their impressions.
  • Emotions – people share what they care about.
  • Public – people imitate what we see people around us are doing.
  • Practical value – people share things that have value to others.
  • Stories – people share stories, not information.

You can get away with a small budget to create a contagious video. Here's a perfect example of this.

The number of shares is very important. The more people who share your video, the more popular it becomes. Promote your videos in social media to get people to share your video. The content spreads rapidly and organically as people send images or videos to their friends and share it on their own social media networks. So it will certainly boost views and shares.  With the right marketing strategy, your investment in creation and advertising will pay off. Experiment with your marketing strategy and once one of your videos will take off!

Of course, TV advertising costs fabulous money and is available only to major brands. Startups can just as well, but for less money, promote their products through advertising on social networks .

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May your videos go viral!


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