New Features of YouTube

November 11, 2022 — 4 mins read
YouTube Promotion

‘YouTube hasn't been updated much these past months’ - a lot of social media users say. The Internet is overflowing with news about new features of TikTok, Instagram and other popular social media platforms but no information was available about YouTube. However, the platform has a lot of new features that bring new user experiences.  

What are the recent YouTube updates you might have missed?

Subscribe button

Now the buttons have a different design. The subscribe button, as well as other buttons, is more round now. Besides, YouTube also introduced new fonts for YouTube video titles. 


YouTube team also changed the way they look: now you can also see round edges ( as well as the buttons). In this case our advice is to pay attention to how your cover image looks to avoid adding lines as a border to make it look well-edited. 

Video description

The way the video description looks was changed as well. When you expand the description of a video in detail you will see the video chapters that were added automatically, even if you didn’t add time codes. 

Playlist upgrade

Now you can see that the YouTube team added visuals to your playlists and now you have a cover video as an image for a playlist. You can zoom in on video from now on as well and watch any details that are important to you.

Separate tabs

YouTube now has new features: for YouTube Live Streams, Shorts, along with Home and Videos. In this case  it will be easier  for your target audience to find the content that they are looking for on your channel. 

YouTube Shopping Store

Just like Instagram, YouTube now has its own store within the platform - YouTube Shopping Store. This will make products’ promotion of different creators easier and more effective. For now they added the feature of creating more than 1 store for your YouTube profile and adding a new payment method within the platform. 

YouTube Handle

Now you can change your name on YouTube and come up with the proper URL for your YouTube channel for better user experience and gaining trust among YouTube users. It works as a rebranding tool for your profile. With your new handle you will be able to make a statement on the platform and maintain your brand image and style on YouTube. 

How can you boost your popularity on YouTube?

Now that YouTube introduced new features more people would like to keep themselves updated and even post more on the platform. New features always attract attention not only from users who have been using the platform for a long time now but also attract more people to join and experience all that. 

Updates also mean that more and more people would post more content to boost their popularity now that more people are interested in seeing what the fuss is all about. How can you make your content become visible and not lose it between your competitors' content?

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