How much do TikTokers make? List of the most followed TikTok influencers

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October 05, 2020 — 5 mins read

TikTok, which appeared 2 years ago, has changed the lives of millions of people. Yiming Zhang - Founder and CEO of ByteDance. He created several short video apps before creating the diamond. Its history began with the rebranding of and Douying apps. This strategy turned out to be a winning one. TikTok became the most trendy app in the United States, in China, and other parts of the world.  TikTok has been ranking first place and reached 2 billion downloads worldwide in Google Play and App Store.

How did the Chinese app gain popularity across the world? Intuitive interface, rich video editing settings and the right marketing strategy have allowed the app to rise. In addition, smart algorithms, which no one else had, selected relevant video content for users. The creators of the most excited videos quickly gained popularity. Millions of teens view, like, comment and share Tik Tok videos. Young people who have gained millions of fans began to make money from brand advertising. Some of them even made a personal brand. 

TOP-10 of the most popular Tik Tok creators


Number of followers: 89.7M

Charlie d'Amelio  - "Queen of TikTok”. After launching her channel in June 2019, the 15-year-old American girl made it to the top of TikTok ratings in just a few months by dancing to viral hits. Her successful breakthrough led to the Hype House collaboration, an invitation to dance on stage with the Jonas Brothers, and a cameo appearance in a Super Bowl commercial.


Number of followers: 62.6M

Addison Rae Easterling posts ads for Reebok and Daniel Wellington, which  accounted for two-thirds of her earnings over the past year. Ray also became an ambassador of the American Eagle retailer.

In the middle of the summer, Ray launched a show on Spotify and began selling her own line of cosmetics, Item Beauty.

Charlie has a contract with the cosmetics company EOS, with the hummus maker Sabra. She also sells clothes under her own brand. 

Her income is estimated at $ 5 million, while Charli D'Amelio made $4 million, according to Forbes.


Number of followers: 50M

Zach, 30 years old filmmaker from the U.S., became famous for creating 6-seconds videos on Vine with magic editing tricks. He created a series of videos with “Star Wars kittens” that scored several million views on YouTube. After the vine began to "die", Zach created a page on TikTok and quickly gained popularity.  He has an estimated net worth of $2.5 million


Number of followers: 47.7M

Lauren launched her own Snapchat show and received nominations for the Teen Choice Awards and People's Choice Awards. But the interests of this girl are not limited to social networks, since 2017 she has been making music and in May released the single Can't Do It.


Number of followers: 44.9M

Spencer Knight, known as Spencer X, american musician and beatboxer.Now he has more fans on TikTok than on YouTube channel. Spencer has collaborated  with Alicia Keys, Marshmello and Sean Kingston. Heearned $1.2 million in the past year from a mix of brand sponsorships.


Number of followers: 43.4M

Real name - Riyaz Afreen. 16 year old Indian TikTok star, actor and fashion blogger has had success with humorous videos. He collaborates with other artists creating videos. He lives in Bhutan but is of Indian origin. Riyaz continues to post videos despite the TikTok blocking in India. His Instagram has 4 times fewer followers -  9.8 million. Riyaz earns $35,000 per post.


Number of followers: 40.2M

Lee is an American dancer and choreographer, famous for filming dance videos for popular tracks. Lee uploads not only dances, but also dance life hacks. He frequently shoots joint videos with beatboxer Spencer X and other Tik-Tok stars.


Number of followers: 39.3M

Together with her sister Charlie, she launched a cosmetics line in partnership with Morphe. After popularity on TikTok, Dixie began her musical career: her first single, Be Happy, collected 58 million views and took first place in YouTube trends. Her income over the past year is estimated at $ 2.9 million.


Number of followers: 37.2M

Will Smith decided to keep up with the trend and joined TikTok. Through TikTok, the actor promoted the film “Gemini Man” in which he played the main role. Will launched a challenge inspired in a scene from the film. The video with the challenge went viral and reached over 10 million views. Will posts funny videos using editing effects. No brand advertisements were noticed in his videos.


Number of followers: 36.1M

American pop singer. Jason has used TikTok to regain his popularity. Corn drill’s video became viral, becoming one of the most trending celebrities on the platform. Also, he made a video with Will in which he knocks out Will Smith's teeth. He also posts videos on Twitter, YouTube and Facebook. His YouTube clip “Swalla” with Nicki Minaj gained over 1.5B views. 

That's all! What conclusion can you draw from this? Most of these people are teenagers with an average of 18 years old. These are common charismatic teenagers. Tik Tok became a launching pad for them, through which they revealed their talent and earned their first million dollars. Do you want it too?

If you have a YouTube channel or post video content to Instagram, then TikTok is a great option for reaching new audiences. Like Zach King and Will Smith did. Tik Tok is still a developing social network that allows you to promote your account with less cost. 

Nobody has a magic formula for creating a viral video. However you can invest your time and money in promotion. Such parameters like shares, views, followers, and likes play the most important role on TikTok. 

These parameters are taken into account when ranking videos in the feed. Together with other factors, TikTok determines which videos would interest you. Unlike YouTube, TikTok videos are short, which has a positive effect on your chances of becoming popular.

In case TikTok is unavailable in your country,  that's not a problem, since Instagram launched a similar service called Instagram Reels.

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