YouTube Views - GEO Targeted ⚡
$ 10.00 / 1000

YouTube Views - GEO Targeted ⚡

$ 10.00 / 1000

▶ Why are my views dropping?

▶ Working strategy of gaining stable views

▶ Crucial tips for YouTube promotion

Since the competition on YouTube is very high, promotion is vital. Creators invest in ads to reach and gain more viewers. Some unscrupulous users buy views, made by robots. YouTube’s algorithms detect fake views and level them down to zero in the matter of hours. Unfortunately, real views can be decreased by YT algorithm too. This happens to a lot of videos all over the world. There is no cause for concern unless the drop rate has reached 100%. In this article we would like to explain why this happens and how to minimize such unpleasant loss.

Why are my views dropping?

I know how you feel when you see views dropping on the counter or in YouTube Analytics. Are you wondering why this is happening? In short, YouTube algorithms are to blame for this. We analyzed the cases of removing views and determined how to minimize losses. 

  • When someone replays a video again and again, YouTube may count it as a single view. The number of views that can be done from one IP-address is limited.
  • YouTube does not count views made from one account from multiple devices.
  • A lot of views with a low video view percentage can lead to a drop.

Working strategy of gaining stable views

We have several types of YouTube views services that are cut out for different tasks. Newbies often order only the cheapest services without reading their description and paying attention to their limited refill guarantee, which results in unpleasant surprise after they drop.

To prevent YouTube algorithms from spoiling the promotion effect, you need to order our high quality AdWords YouTube Views service along with the fast start views (e.g. buy 10M AdWords and 2M fast views at the same time). Even if the number of fast views will be counted down by YouTube, the decline will not be too noticeable, since views from AdWords will keep their number at a high enough level.

What's the point of buying fast start views, if they drop after a few days? 

  • Instant start.
  • Low price.
  • Fast speed of up to 500K a day (and more on request).

In addition, the following tips will help you to improve your engagement metrics.

Crucial tips for YouTube promotion

  1. Boost your videos within the first 72 hours after uploading it on YouTube.
  2. Use drip-feed. This feature is aimed to build your credibility on YouTube. Increasing views with drip-feed favorably affect the position of your video in Google search. Learn more.
  3. Engagement rate. Along with views, creators should increase the number of likes and comments. The normal proportion to video views is 1-10% for likes and 0.1-0.3% for comments.
  4. Combine different YT views services to reduce the chances of drop on views.
  5. Keep it shorter. Reducing the length of a video can increase its retention %. Prefer promoting short videos under 6 minutes long, as since their retention % will be higher, a decrease in views will be less likely.

Find more guidelines in our blog posts:

In case you have any questions, please, contact your personal manager or live-chat support. We’re here to help you 24/7.

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